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The Best Technology is Anti-Technology

What is the best type of technology?

Technology which BLOCKS distractions. Technology which BLOCKS other forms of technology.

Technology to block other forms of (annoying) technology

For example:

  1. Popup blockers
  2. Noise-cancelling headphones
  3. Phones that screen and block spammers (and even worse, the robs-callers)
  4. Technology which TURNS OFF the internet and distractions (Freedom.To)
  5. Technology which BLOCKS social media, distractions, fear-feeds, and annoyances online.

Technology doesn’t always have to be technological

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Or other ideas:

  1. I love the technology of merino wool, especially wearing merino wool leggings. It REMOVES the need for me to wear a belt! Also, the innovation of merino wool is that it REMOVES the necessity for you to carry lots of clothes while traveling. My last 3-week stint in Cuba and Mexico City — I only had to bring (and wear) 1 merino wool t-shirt (on my back)!
  2. I also love non-stick technology on frying pans: Makes cleaning them a trillion times easier, especially when cooking eggs!

Takeaway: Technology which SUBTRACTS and REMOVES cares, distractions, or BS from your life

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Moving forward, don’t buy technology for the sake of technology. Instead ask yourself:

How can this technology REMOVE random BS, care, stress, and anxiety from my life?


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