What is photography, life, philosophy all about? Simple: just share your own personal perspective on things!

Where are you standing? What are you witnessing?

In photography, the image quality doesn’t matter so much. What’s more important:

What is your personal perspective or philosophy on the world, in either a literal sense or metaphorical/figurative sense?

This is why blogging is so great — you cannot be refuted as wrong or right. You’re simply being honest and real, or fake. Brutal honesty is our goal.

Why share your perspective?

A simple thought:

If your photo, thought, blog post, video or perspective can empower at least 1 other human being on planet earth, it is worth sharing and publishing.

Or even simplified:

If sharing your perspective on things makes you feel empowered, it is worth sharing!

  • Surreal street photograph. iPhone Pro.
  • Arms

Humanity thrives when you share your perspective.

When you share your opinion, it is all upside, no downside.

  • Upside: you feel empowered, or you can empower someone else.
  • Downside: you will offend someone? Is that really a downside?

Share your perspective in all domains in life:

  1. Your perspective on politics
  2. Your perspective on philosophy
  3. Your perspective on economics
  4. Your perspective on entrepreneurship
  5. Your perspective in art and photography
  6. Your perspective on life!


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