jazz hands ERIC KIM


What is your ideal photostyle?

What is a photostyle?

Photostyle: a way you approach photography! Your own modus operandi (mode of operating) in photography. How you interact with your subjects, how you shoot your photos, the equipment you prefer, the photos you prefer to pick, how you process your photos, and what style of aesthetics you like in photography.

What is your mark?

Your mark — your style literally means to use a stylus to “mark with a pointed object”. Style comes from stilus (a writing stylus).

My style: dark, grim, firm, simple, and stoic:

Discovering your signature mark

To discover your unique style and mark means to discover —

What do I really care for, and why?

All photos we make is simply an extension of our soul, how we perceive the world, and our personal perspective on things:

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