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Do You Desire to Become the Best?

A thought after reading Kobe’s “Mamba Mentality” book:

Perhaps the best way to live life is to strive to become the best individual at something on planet Earth.

To strive with all your power to become the best individual in a certain field or skill. 100% success isn’t guaranteed, but isn’t the striving the best part?

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For example, it was my intention to make the best street photography resource on the Internet (or perhaps the planet), with my STREET PHOTOGRAPHY 101 series. Then when I perceived I succeeded in this domain, I then sought to create the best photography entrepreneurial resource in the world with Photography Entrepreneurship 101. Also as of now, I feel I’m also probably the best photography blogger on the planet, and perhaps also the greatest photography blogger of all-time. I also perhaps have a new aim:

To become the best blogger on the planet.

It does seem that this is the most fun way to live. Also, the goal is then:

How can I create the optimal conditions to become the best in this given domain?

Why strive to become the best?

My thought:

When you strive to become the best at something, you approach life differently, in a much more interesting and unique way.

Furthermore, you bring out epic crazy resources from your own inner-riches to achieve this goal!

Should we strive to become the best?

To become the best is domain-specific:

To become the best in your town, neighborhood, community, country, or the whole planet?

For me, I think the most noble goal and striving is to become the #1 on the entire planet Earth. The entire globe. To become #1 in your field or domain out of all 7+ billion people in the world.

And once again, it ain’t about success — it is all about the striving and attempting!

For example, you can strive with all your might, soul, and energy to become the richest person on the planet. But without some luck and the right opportunities, you ain’t gonna become the richest human on planet earth. For example, Jeff Bezos is insanely smart, dedicated, driven, intelligent, and bold. But of course he had some favorable conditions (starting Amazon at the beginning of the Internet boom) to create what he did.

For myself, I matured in a period where blogging became a thing. Thus I was simply born at the right time, in the optimal conditions. I also grew up in America, and English is essentially my mother tongue. If I weren’t American, and didn’t speak and write English so fluently, I definitely would not have become the top solo photography blogger on the Internet and planet.

So what is your ultimate ambition?

I cannot dictate this for you, but perhaps the goal is to become the best.

Start off small. Start off by becoming the best on the block, then your school, then your local community, then your city, then your state, country, continent, then perhaps the world.