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Why I Feel Rich

What feeling “wealthy” is to me:

What does it really mean to be “rich”?

Currently living in Mexico City, and life is good. Simple pleasures: enjoying coffee, walking around, shooting photos, recording videos, chatting with locals, and enjoying nice leisurely dinners.

What else do we need in life?

What else do I need?

Assuming Cindy and I lived indefinitely in Mexico City, spending $600 a month in a fancy apartment, and assuming we only really spend money on coffee shops and dinner— we couldn’t spend our money faster than we earn it. Isn’t this the feeling of true wealth — not having trillions of dollars, but the knowledge that you will never go broke? Furthermore, not desiring to buy anything else?

Not having to think about money

The feeling of wealth to me is to NOT be distracted by money. A feeling of wealth isn’t related to how many dollar bills you got in your bank account. Because you can be a millionaire and if you cannot sleep at night, or always feel as if you’re lacking something… you’re not rich.

Rich as a feeling of independence, self-power, self-possession, and knowing that you can control and direct your own life.

The knowledge that you can focus on your own self-development in life, live more independently for yourself, and to focus on your artwork.

What else do we really need money for?