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Build the Body, Build the Mind

A thought:

To become the apex version of ourselves, we should strive to maximally build both our body AND mind.

Building your body via walking much, thinking much, and lifting weights. Powerlifting with deadlift, squat, bench, or bodyweight exercises (dive bombers, chinups, one legged pistol squat, planche).

Building your mind through reading philosophy, challenging certain ideas and conventions, and writing. Also to stream your thoughts via recording yourself “vlog” style.

Resistance training

You need resistance for your body AND mind if you desire to become stronger.

How to add resistance to body building? Simple: increase the weight! Strive to increase your “one rep max” at least once a week.

With your mind: strive to read more challenging and difficult things. Generally when you get bored with reading it is because the ideas aren’t challenging or interesting enough.

Challenge your thinking

I like reading things which are contrary to what I already believe in. For example as a liberal, it’s more interesting to read conservative perspectives.

Even with my idols (Steve Jobs, Kanye West); they’re actually quite different from me. They’re more like “assholes”, whereas I tend to be too nice and a “people pleaser”. But seeing their aberrant ways of thinking, living, and acting, I get more inspiration for myself.

Why become stronger?

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I believe the principle of life is to never stop striving to become stronger. It is what makes life fun, exciting, and enjoyable.

My ideal:

A hybrid between a powerlifting gym and library– to augment and maximize both my body and mind.

Never stop challenging yourself!

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