A realization about myself:

I am an elitist. I don’t want to be one of the herd.

Don’t follow the sheeple

Are there any real individuals anymore? I don’t think so.

Even the famous on social media, YouTube, music, or artists:

They are slaves to money, external fame, and external affirmation.

I have met VERY FEW people in my life who were true individuals — individuals who owned their own platforms, followed their own gut, and didn’t care much for fame/legitimacy/money/followers/likes.

Why is it so hard to be an individual in today’s world?

Some theories:

First, democratization of society. Society isn’t as stratified as it was in the past.

Also, socialist values. We generally believe:

The purpose of a government and society is to elevate the overall well-being of ALL people (utilitarianism).

Therefore if an individual strives to elevate him/herself for the sake of him/herself, that individual is deemed as “evil” and “dead” to the herd.

Why am I anti-herd?

Perhaps my aesthetics. Perhaps how I was raised– having my family and mentors tell me that I was unique. Perhaps growing up in the 90’s, and being told that I was unique and special.

Regardless, I am grateful that I am an individual, and I strive towards greater individuality. And ultimately my view is this:

The best way I can help society is to maximize my personal individuality, to (slightly) move the needle of society forward via my thoughts, ideas, and different modes of living/thinking.