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Purchasing Beauty or Becoming Beauty?

The goal of our consumerism: to become more beautiful.

Why beauty?

The Farnese Hercules 1742 Richard Dalton 1715 or 20-1791 Purchased as part of the Oppé Collection with assistance from the National Lottery through the Heritage Lottery Fund 1996
The Farnese Hercules 1742 by Richard Dalton. My ideal view of male beauty.

A thought:

We love beauty. Beauty augments our feeling of strength, joy, and hope/optimism in life.

But in modern times, we seem to want to PURCHASE and buy beauty. We seek beauty via the clothes we buy, the watches we buy, the cars we buy, the homes we buy, the devices we buy, etc.

What is our ultimate goal?

Closeup of my hand, RICOH GR III x 21mm lens adapter. Note how insanely sharp the image quality of the Ricoh GR III!

However, what is the ultimate goal? It ain’t purchasing beautiful objects for the sake of it. The end goal is:

Maximize and augment our feeling of beauty, joy, hope, optimism, strength, and to feel beautiful (ourselves).

Thus it seems the ultimate aim is augmenting our own beauty. Purchasing things which we feel reflects our own inner-beauty and strength.

Once again:

We want to become maximally beautiful.

How to make yourself beautiful

Simple ideas:

  1. Subtract adipose tissue (body fat) from your body. Do this through intermittent fasting, abstaining from sugars/carbs/fruit/alcohol/starch/high fructose corn syrup, and through training which gets your heart rate up.
  2. Add muscle mass to your frame: Easiest is “one rep max” style powerlifting, and eating LOTS of meat, eggs, protein, and green bitter herbs (and fermented foods) at night.

By adding muscle mass to your body and subtracting body fat from your body (whether women or male), you will look more aesthetically beautiful, strong, attractive, and powerful.

Why it is better to transform your body into a beautiful work of art, than to simply buy it.

Selfie body muscle chest

To buy something is a bit basic and boring. More fun and rewarding to transform your own body into something beautiful — and you can admire it all day long! Better to admire yourself and body than admire even the most beautiful car, home, clothes, accessories, equipment, tools, or gadgets.

Vanity is good.

Then from this line of reasoning, perhaps it is a good goal to maximize your physique and personal beauty. I don’t see the need for plastic surgery or none of that stuff — but simple weightlifting and “ketogenic”diet seems to work well.

What do you do once you consider yourself maximally beautiful?

The Spartans had faith in King Leonidas, even going to their certain death
Once you get this ripped — then what?

Is beauty binary (yes/no), or is beauty a scale? (0-10?). And if beauty is a scale, can you exceed 10/10? Can you turn your beauty into an 11/10, or a 12/10?

And let us say you’re the most beautiful human being on planet earth. Then what? Do you just keep striving to augment your beauty even more? How could one even do that?

Creating externally beautiful things (artwork)

Kyoto #cindyproject
Kyoto #cindyproject

My thought: once you have achieved a certain personal physique and aesthetic you love, then perhaps the next goal is to strive to make the most epic and most beautiful art works. For us, this is photography.

Then perhaps for the rest of our lives, we never stop trying to “one up” the beauty of our art works. To strive with great effort the maximal beautiful art work we are capable of.

More turbo thoughts to come.


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