Who is Remembered? Who isn’t Remembered?

Something I’ve been thinking about a lot:

Which individuals are remembered in history, and who isn’t remembered?

Does anyone even remember MJ?

Michael Jordan jumpan
Michael Jordan Jumpman. We remember the Jordan logo, but forgot who Michael was.

No kids today really know who Michael Jordan is, or really cares. Even Kobe— he is starting to become forgotten.

Same goes with entertainers like Justin Timberlake — his cache has faded a bit.

Generally it seems athletes aren’t remembered. More musicians are remembered, but most musicians also fade.

Artists are remembered

We remember artists. Picasso, Leonardo da Vinci, Raphael, etc. We will also continue to remember Henri Cartier-Bresson. Most other photographers will become forgotten.

Philosophers are remembered

We remember philosophers. Seneca, Marcus Aurelius, Nietzsche, Socrates, etc.

Philosophers are remembered, as they deal with timeless things — morals, ethics, politics, and all things human and existential.

Masters of Philosophy

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Can you guarantee whether you will be remembered or not?

Of course not, but I can guarantee you— if you opt to live a basic life, you will NOT be remembered.

If you attempt to live an epic life, you increase your likelihood or chance of being remembered.

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The more you risk and the more you attempt greatness, the more likely you will impact society and future and present humanity!

Legacy: Being useful to future humanity

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After you die, of course there is no positive utility for legacy. Thus it seems that what we are trying to do during our lives is this:

Create new art, wisdom, and knowledge for future generations of humanity.


Drive human evolution forward!

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We are laboring for future generations of humanity. Of course we want to benefit ourselves while we are alive, but it does seem that ultimately our goal is to be “selfish”in order to maximize our altruism for future humanity.

Simple ideas:

  1. Preserve and conserve yourself: Reminder that you’re attempting epic things in life.
  2. Think 300 years from now. Write and create things which will still be relevant 300 years from now.
  3. Better to die enormous than to lie dormant (JAY Z).