iPad John wick

iPad as a Magical Device for Photographers

Steve Jobs’ vision has been realized:

The iPad is truly a magical device for photographers, visual artists, creative types, readers, writers — essentially everyone.

My current home screen

Must have apps

My favorite apps:

  1. IA WRITER (for writing)
  2. Procreate: For sketching
  3. Zen Brush 2 for Calligraphy

iPad as the most epic “light table” (photo viewing device)

The screen is the ultimate to view photos. The iPad Pro (10.5) screen is even brighter than my MacBook Pro 13’’ touchbar screen.

RICHARD AVEDON app! It’s free — and has Avedon’s entire library available in beautiful hyper sharp retina!


Dropbox as the superior option to keep photos synced between your laptop, your iPad, phone, etc: