Why Photography is the Future

With iPhone, iPhone Pro, and smartphone cameras, the future of art (and society) is photography!

Art is the future

Once we have acquired all the food we need, all the living comforts we need— then what?

The apex: art creation.

Why does everyone want the new iPhone Pro? Because of the camera! Because photography is the most accessible, open, and democratic form of art creation known to us. Thus as photographers, we are more like cyborg-artists.

The goal

The goal of our life is then simple:

Focus on your art-creation.

Photography is just a bridge to art creation — the most accessible, effective, and simple way to make art — yet also full of beautiful nuance.

Have the guts to call yourself an artist.

Don’t call yourself a photographer, call yourself a visual artist. Better yet, just call yourself an artist. Develop all your artistic faculties and muscles (legs, arms, eyes, sound, taste, smell, touch, etc). Make photos, dance, plays, theater, videos, sounds, music, etc. All art is good art.

Make on!

You don’t just take photos, you make photos. This means: to make a photograph (or visual image) is to construct it with intention, love, and with precision.

Furthermore with photography, you select the photos you deem beautiful (editing). This means there is much intentionality behind photography.

Never stop exploring

What new discoveries have you not yet made in photography? Make on and discover!