How to Make Dynamic Photographs

To make better photos means to make photos with energy, movement, levity, and power.

Some simple ideas:

1. Hand gestures and movement

Note Cindy looking right, the fact she’s off-center (more towards the right of the frame), the slight blur and movement, and the hand gesture of her right hand:

2. Dynamic contrast

Shoot scenes with more contrast. For example shooting during golden hour (sunset), and after adding contrast to your photos. Even for a simple scene like the tree below, see the separation of the brightness of the photos:

3. Curve

Any element which is curving in your photo is good, and more dynamic.

4. Layers with lots of diagonal lines

Works very well with wide angle (21mm), and architecture/urban landscape:

5. Explosions of light

Shoot things with bright light — like the sun (-2 exposure compensation):

For example when we inverse the photo and use Gaussian blur, we can see how intense the light is.

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