INVERT Photography Composition Test

Along with the Gaussian Blur photography composition test, we also got the INVERT (or inversion) photography composition test in order to better see, determine, and analyze our compositions.

Never stop inverting

Even in philosophical knowledge, try to invert ideas to see if they still work (when produced in the inverse).

With photography compositions, break them down one by one:

Then create animated GIF images to better let your photos marinate into your mind.

Several layers:

Inverted layers:

Simple inverse:

Play with the inversion yourself with this slideshow:

Also, how I fill the layers to better separate the visual elements in the photos:

Discover hidden compositions

For example after inversing the image, I see this hidden lightning bolt composition:

Simple inversion gif:

And a slideshow:

By abstracting the form, then I can start analyzing the compositions deeper:

So the question:

Is it better to have the edge of the building or not?

I’m talking about this corner piece:

Or inverted:

Or abstracted:

Side by side:

Now focusing on the edges and diagonals:

It perhaps has something to do with the edges:

Going deeper with the edges:

Maybe the combination of the rhombus and triangle?

The intersecting points make this little yellow triangle:

Or is it about the two triangles opposed to one another?


Conclusion: Composition as a fun mystery, puzzle, and game.

Deconstruction of your photos is also a creative act.

Cut apart your photos, dissect them, like a good visual surgeon to figure out how things work!