Strong, Elegant, Supple and Powerful Design

What makes great design? Things which are designed which races your heart. Ferrari, Lamborghini, and other cars which are insanely dynamic and aggressive in the design, audacious, and of course — fast.

In praise of car design

I love studying hypercars— a testament to the human spirit and desire for more. More power, more air, more life.

Is there an ideal design?

No— because it is all subjective. But perhaps we hold our own personal ideal — a combination of simple, strong, self-assured, loud, and insanely different.

Any design which strengthens you is good!

It seems the best sports car designs are:

  1. Aggressive
  2. Low
  3. Wide
  4. Aerodynamic
  5. Lots of gills and air intakes (like the gills of a shark).
  6. Looks as if they will pounce on you like a tiger or lion (aggressive looking eyes and aggressive looking grille, which literally looks like ferocious teeth).
  7. Curves, arabesque, flowing and dynamic lines.
  8. Dynamic proportions (one side is longer than the other). Cubes and boxes are not dynamic.
  9. A feeling or sensation that the car is moving, even when it is parked still!
  10. Open: More connected with the environment. The appeal of roofless cars to surround yourself more with nature.

Why design?

To me, design is synonymous with art.

Art is the elixir of life! Art is our tonic which strengthens us, motivates us, and inspires us to do more, achieve more, dare more, and create more!