Design Your Own Body

What I admire about bodybuilders:

They strive to turn their own bodies into their art-project (sculpture), instead of seeking satisfaction in purchasing art-objects.

Why sports cars are overrated

When we desire to buy (expensive) and fast sports cars (and ‘muscle cars’), what we desire is this:

We think that by purchasing sports car X, the attributes of the car will become imbued into ourselves.

Or, the thought that the car is a reflection of ourselves and our own ego.

But the truth is, most of the people driving these exotic sports cars are either very old, fat, and not very powerful-looking.

“I don’t own a car.”

Probably one of my favorite things from FIGHT CLUB: when Tyler Durden (Brad Pitt) says that he doesn’t own a car.

We all want to become Brad Pitt. We don’t want to become his possessions; we want to embody his confidence, his good looks, and muscular body.

Powerful body

Funny how the Rock quoted Nietzsche in the last ‘Hobbes & Shaw’ film by saying:

There is 1000x more wisdom in the body than all the philosophy books combined.

I am starting to believe more in physiological wisdom: the body is a better indicator of what is advantageous to us (than listening to our ‘mind’). This is because the mind simply reflects the physiological health of our body. Our mind doesn’t reflect itself.

Train our bodies above desiring to buy stuff

selfie Ricoh Berlin

I would prefer to have a supreme body and be poor than to be rich and be fat and weak.

The simple idea is this:

Prioritize strengthening your body (powerlifting/weight lifting), consume much protein (spend lots of money on meat), prioritize your rest and recovery (8-12 hours of sleep every night).


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