Flow like the water. Flow relentlessly. NEVER STOP!

Why the water inspires me

I love the water, and find deep inspiration in the water. No matter what, the ocean keeps flowing. There is unlimited power in the water. And with enough time, water can crumble even the hardest of marble.

Blogging as flowing

Even when I write, I write in a ‘stream of consciousness‘, meaning — I write what is on my mind without self-editing or self-censorship. I like to write how I talk.

And none of my ideas or words (written down) are “good”. They are simply direct and honest. I like sharing RAW ideas, un-cut, unfiltered. I love the idea of words, art, and ideas being ‘all killer, no filler.’

Berlin, 2019

I don’t know what will happen next

For the most part, I am anti-planning and anti-future. Why? I have no idea what the future will hold. What I care about is today, RIGHT NOW. To strive to maximize my abilities in my current state and spot. To flow creative ideas endlessly; steady, without stopping, and knowing that the force of the water is all about the consistency.

How to get into the ‘flow’

audi r8

For myself, this is how I get into a flow state:

  1. Only write or create what I’m interested in. When I write, it is an ‘essay’ (attempt) to gain deeper “truthiness” on a certain topic I’m personally interested in.
  2. Going to a nice coffee shop (preferably small, ‘hipster’, with good espresso and folks). Ideally outside on the street, to have a combination of people-watching, thinking, writing, and creating.
  3. No idea of perfection of creating something ‘good’. Simply creating things which are fun and interesting to me. To create in the spirit of a child.
  4. Intermittent fasting (no food during the day), good coffee buzz, and turning off all distractions in order to focus.

So friend — what will you create next?



audi Berlin
Berlin, 2019
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