How to Become Relentless

It seems a big ingredient of success (especially to us mortals) is the virtue of relentlessness— never giving up on our endeavors (until our death).

Never bend

Relentless — never bending, never yielding, and never stopping what you truly care for. Lento meaning “soft”and “yielding”.

Why become relentless?

We have our entire lives to pursue whatever we care about. Thus shouldn’t you only occupy your life with what you care for, and to never bend your purpose?

To be relentless means to stay firm and strong/hard in what you believe in. Never bend or compromise your true beliefs, no matter how afraid or scared you may be. In modern times consider how lucky we are — we will NOT be burned at the stake for our beliefs, nor will we become exiled for our beliefs.

Be relentless in your creation

As an artist, you thrive through the act of procreation. You want to stay fertile and continue to give birth to many works of art. The goal isn’t to make one masterpiece— the goal is for you to continually make new works for your entire life (consider the prolific nature of Picasso, who made on average 1-2 art works A DAY for his entire life).

I want to go harder than Picasso or any other artist who has come before. I personally aspire to make 10-12 art works a day! We all know that quantity doesn’t say much, but still — being prolific is fun for me. To create more is a challenge, which I think can be achieved through fearlessness and superhuman physiological strength.

Create without thinking

To think too much breeds fear. Let us simply follow our natural impulses and gut. Create in a spirit of play and don’t take your creations too seriously. Just have fun!

Allow yourself to be a little ‘mad’ and ‘insane’

Every genius has a touch of madness in them.

Too much ‘rational’ thinking will hold you back. Let yourself speak brazenly. Don’t censor yourself. Create without much consideration of others. Speak wildly.

Also know that your life task is essential to you. If you care so deeply about it, then you will never tire!



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