My First Photography Book

Why Photograph Like a Child?

HAPTIC PRESS is almost done with our new and upcoming children’s photography book, “My First Photography Book”, and I wanted to use this opportunity to reflect: “As adults, why is it beneficial for us to shoot photos like children?”

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My first photography book

First of all, children are like the ultimate Zen monks: they see reality how it is, without preconceived notions, or stereotypical biases. Therefore they can see more interesting things to photograph, whether they be colorful textures, interesting faces, or graphically compelling things.

Secondly, children are more open minded and carefree. They don’t censor themselves, or feel shy. Just try it out: give your kid, niece, or baby cousin your phone camera, and have them run around and photograph strangers or street photography. They never feel shy or bashful. So in this sense, I’d want to shoot street photography like a child — to never feel afraid or shy/embarrassed.

Third, photography is great because it allows us to find interesting stuff, to document it and share it with others! I think children love to tell their parents what they did or saw, and the phone camera is the ultimate tool to empower children to make art!

To be honest, I don’t like phones too much. I think they are the ultimate content creation devices for artists and people, but there’s too many distracting apps, and algorithms that control and manipulate our behavior for the worse.

We cannot change the fact that as time goes on, more and more people will be addicted to their phones. Yet, we can channel that addiction in a positive way– to use the phone to make art! And we should start off by teaching our children, then teaching ourselves!

So friend, today, try to shoot like a child, with no hesitation, fear, or awkwardness. Smile, and allow yourself to be free!

Shoot with your kid, or shoot by yourself (like a kid).

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