My Life Purpose

My life purpose: to blog, to share ideas, to think, to plumb deeper levels of knowledge, aesthetics, and art, and to help motivate creators, photographers, and all individuals — to make, wonder, and challenge.

To push culture forward and higher.

Grand life purpose

A life purpose which is beyond basic. High and grand life vision — Elon Musk, Kanye West, Howard Hughes, Steve Jobs, Walt Disney.

My thought:

The only way to live is to have lofty thoughts, lofty life goals, and to ADVANCE yourself and humanity!


Better to be insane and audacious than to be boring, basic, and realistic.

Shoot for the moon. 10x. Radically different.

Challenge all conventions. Rethink things from ground zero. First principles, physics-based thinking. 

No limits on human creativity and potential.