How to Shoot Cruise Photography

Cruise photography: something my buddy Todd Hata introduced to me a while back, and something new I want to explore:

Why cruise?

Cruises are fascinating. Like a pseudo-utopia. Everything included and compacted within one (pretty big) space.

Cruises are great:

  1. Disconnected from the internet while you are at sea, which gives you the chance to think, reflect, meditate, and focus on writing, making artistic things, etc.
  2. Everything taken care for you: Simplifies life. Zen approach. Sleep in the same cabin, you can explore lots of activities on the ship, and all meals included.
  3. Great photography opportunities: Photographing on the ship, photographing the water, or making photo while you dock at land.

Cruise as a new form of travel

Cruises as being far cheaper than traditional forms of travel.

While you’re cruising, it ain’t necessarily about having ‘authentic experiences’ in “foreign places” while you’re docked on land. Instead, it is a time to meditate ON THE SHIP. I actually prefer being on the cruise ship than being docked on land.

1. Photographing the water

Getting a wide-angle panoramic of the water is breathtaking. When you’re on the cruise ship, you’re surrounded by water. Super zen.

2. Cruise with your partner

Cruise with your partner, and photograph your experiences on the cruise ship together.

3. Simple details

When around the ship, you can photograph any interesting details you find.

4. Street photography on a cruise ship

Tons of human beings on a cruise ship. Almost 3,000+ on a simple Carnival cruise.

Lots of interesting opportunities to shoot street photography on a cruise ship, or when docked at land.

5. Shooting on land

Every other day or so, the ship docks at land. This gives you the chance to walk around a bit, and shoot photos.

6. Practice and analyze your compositions while cruising

For your cruise, bring along your laptop or iPad. Use the time when you’re offline to analyze your photos in closer detail:

7. Another reality

What is fun about being on a cruise and shooting cruises:

It is a new form of reality — which is fascinating to understand through making photos.

8. Cruise in color?

Obviously you can shoot either color or monochrome when on a cruise ship. Here are some color photos; I personally prefer monochrome (feels more timeless). Shot on Fujifilm XF10:

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If you’ve never been on a cruise, highly recommend it. Just book a cheap Carnival cruise, bring along your camera and laptop, and go with someone you love and care about.

What new adventures await!