Fujifilm XF10 Review

Some more quick thoughts on the new Fujifilm XF10:

iPad + RAW XF10 Workflow

All photos here are shot in RAW, processed in VSCO and some further processing in Apple Photos default iPad app:

First thoughts on processing RAW photos on iPad:

  1. RAW on iPad is still a bit clunky. I will probably just stick to shooting JPEG to not sorry about compatibility issues.
  2. VSCO handles RAW photos quite well. A6, B6, X1 presets are my favorite. I also enjoy the Distoria presets.
  3. I love how quickly I can import, export, and edit photos on iPad. I’ll probably keep using iPad instead of a laptop.

XF10 Product Photos



XF10 feels good in the hand. Very good ergonomics in terms of the hand feel. Very good fit with ERIC KIM WRIST STRAP.

I prefer the back menu and controls of RICOH GR II. But xf10 is nice and clean.

Downside is that the back joystick feels a bit cheap and plasticky. Button haptic response not nice and tactile like other Fujifilm cameras. Fortunately we don’t use it too much, only when navigating menus and such.

How I would improve the back:

  • Get rid of the Q button, and simplify the camera to just have it as a Function button

Otherwise the back is good.


The XF10 feels solid and very premium. Good weight and balance. No complaints here.


RICOH GR II has extended lens when powering on. Here the XF10 is winner.

The menu of the Xf10 is pretty good. Could be simpler, but everything seems to make sense.

Top dials

RICOH GR II vs XF 10 view

There are two jogging dials on top of XF10 which look nice and feel very nice. Good clickly feel, and good for adjusting exposure.

My favorite Fujifilm Camera so far

Shot on XF10

The Fujifilm XF10 gets the ERIC KIM stamp of approval. Solid camera. I just wish it had a better way to access the flash quicker.

Xf10 and flash

It turns on and turns off quickly enough, the 28mm is a good focal length, image quality looks very good.

I am mostly shooting it in RAW and processing into monochrome. The files look good, just as good as RICOH GR II.

Xf10 and flash

The flash works quite good on xf10: it is very powerful! I plan on shooting more flash on the XF10; in fact, I’m going to always keep the flash on, to overcome the annoyance of having to turn it on and off via the Fujifiom menu system.


I’ve been able to squeeze out some nice color from the RAW xf10 photos, but I feel a little disappointed with the color JPEG photos on xf10. Perhaps I need to experiment more with the settings.


All things considered, one of the best bang for the buck cameras out there, with the RICOH GR II.


If you’re curious if this or the RICOH GR II is better, honestly it is so close I would say there is no difference. Both are very strong cameras.

All simple cameras are good.


Shooting with this camera and thinking about photography some more, it is a good reminder:

  1. The best standalone camera is a compact, point and shoot camera.
  2. Don’t seek the “best” camera, seek the most simple camera. Try to use the simplest tool possible for the job.
  3. It is insane how both this and the RICOH GR II only cost $500 USD! Save your money, and use it on experiences, workshops, photo books, travel, and adventures!

More XF10 RAW photos, processed on VSCO and iPad