Use Photoshop to Make Visual Experiments on Your Photos

Something fun I did while being disconnected on a cruise (without wifi):

Experiment with all the post-processing options in Adobe Photoshop to better understand and de-construct your photos.

Visual scientist

My thought:

When you are processing photos, you are engaging in ‘visual science’, or “image processing”.

You begin to see your photos and the world with new eyes:

cindy elbow grid

Computer Vision

Free online computer vision courses:

We as photographer-artists know how to make good photos. But why not also learn more about the science behind the process? To become a synthesis between machine and man, to take our photography and visual artistry to the next level!

Analyzing composition

For example take a look at this composition of Cindy’s elbow. I note a triangle, and interesting proportions in the frame. I loaded the picture in Photoshop, and started to play with all the post-processing options:

Then I made a video slideshow of the whole thing:

Also an animated gif made on my MacBook laptop and the GIPHY CAPTURE tool:

Machine Learning x Photography

Brave new world of photography: