Reality Appropriation

Extract the Maximum from Reality and Life:

Many people often think — ‘what is the purpose of life’?

I don’t think there is an ultimate purpose. It is all self-directed. You dictate your own personal values. Thus you create your own subjective meaning and purpose in life.

We’re alive — now what?

The reality is we are alive and cognizant. We will die. No afterlife.

With your life, are you simply living in ‘maintenance mode’, trying to enjoy life as much as you can — awaiting your death?

Do you love being alive, or do you feel indifferent to being alive?

If you hate being alive, but not enough to commit suicide — then what?

My empowering thought:

Let us not take life ‘too seriously’. While we are alive, let us strive to extract the maximum from reality [reality appropriation]!

What do you want to do or extract from reality?

cruise ship view

I cannot dictate this for you, but for myself I desire to use my consciousness to create new ideas, to share new [and old] ideas, to feel maximum bodily and physiological vigor everyday, to have fun, to challenge myself, to create much art, and to direct my own self-evolution, while also trying to help others think outside the box and to help others think for themselves. To inspire more individuals to become ‘free thinkers‘ and ‘free artists’.