The world is a huge place.


I think on your road to deepening your personal wisdom about the world, travel is a necessity.

In praise of direct experience

My thought:

We humans don’t do well with abstract notions.

For example we can think about the world in the abstract, we can think about traveling and foreign cultures in the abstract, but without first hand and direct experience, we cannot truly understand.

Having a life partner who is also hungry for new experiences and growth

Probably my best life decision so far; marrying and being with Cindy. She was my initial impetus and spark to travel. She gave me the tools; how to travel for cheap (Ryanair, hostel), and how to go far for little.

It seems that if you want to thrive in your life, choosing your life partner is #1 essential. This will dictate how you steer your rudder in life.

Choose wisely.

Based on my personal experience, I’ve learned that having the same or similar life-values as your partner is more important than personality or “compatability”. You can change how you interact with your partner, but you cannot change one another’s personal and world values.

If you love traveling, living minimally, or nomadically, find a life who believes the same in you.

Humans aren’t meant to stay in one place (forever)