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The Kaizen Approach to Photography and Life

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A thought:

Perhaps we should focus on tiny (incremental), 1% improvements everyday (no breaking the chain).

What is ‘Kaizen’?

The basic notion of ‘Kaizen’ is this:

Innovation is about steady, gradual, and non-stop improvements over a long period of time.

For example, while the original iPhone was a massive game-changer, every iPhone since then was a quite gradual improvement [Kaizen approach]. However if we consider the original iPhone and the current iPhone Xs, the improvement is massive. But the difference between an iPhone X and Xs might only be a 10% improvement at best.

How to apply the Kaizen approach to your photography

If you can improve your photography by 1% everyday, you will technically be 37x better at the end of a year!

To put this into scale, let us say you can lift 100 pounds for a deadlift. If you theoretically increase that weight by 1% everyday, you will be able to deadlift 3,700 pounds [3.7 tons] at the end of the year.

Thus of course from a physiological perspective, indefinite 1% gain everyday, forever is impossible. However, it is still a practical and pragmatic way we can think about approaching our lives.

Kaizen Photography Activities

Practical ideas:

  1. Shoot 1% more photos today than you did yesterday. For example if you shot 1 photo yesterday (round up) and shoot 2 photos today. If you shot 10 photos yesterday, shoot 11 photos today. If you shot 100 photos yesterday, shoot 101 photos [etc].
  2. The more you shoot, the happier you will be, and the more ‘keeper’ photos you will make. Thus increasing the quantity [number of photos you shoot] will actually increase the number of “quality” photos you shoot.
  3. Think about your photographic progress from a day-to-day basis. Simply strive to become a little better in your photography today then yesterday.

If you want honest feedback and critique on your photos, upload your pictures to

Kaizen in life

1. Physical strength:

With lifting weights, strive to become 1% stronger today than yourself yesterday. This means, try to increase the weight by 1% everyday, and every workout. For deadlifts, just try to add 5 pounds every workout [two 2.5 pound baby weights on each side]. Or for chirrups, try to do 1 more chin-up every workout. 

2. Artistic strength: 

As an artist, thinker, and creator — try to “improve” yourself and your output by 1% everyday (however you determine this metric). 

3. Entrepreneurial strength: 

Maybe try to sell 1% more products today, or think 1% bigger today than you did yesterday. Think big, bold, and audacious goals. Increase your goals 1% everyday. [Photography Entrepreneurship 101]

What I’m inspired by today

A list of things I’m inspired by today:

  1. What Happened to the Future?” Essay on Founders Fund
  2. Mission Statement of Palantir [Peter Thiel’s company]
  3. The Moonshot Company [Google’s “X” company]

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Interview with Cindy Nguyen

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Books shown:

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New Inspiration

Fresh new inspiration for you on the blog:

  1. What’s the Future for Photography?
  2. How to Monetize a Blog Without Advertising
  3. Why Grow?

Parting thoughts

My last empowering thought for you:

Better to make ‘bad’ art than to make no art.

Anti-perfection in art. Just because someone else did it before doesn’t mean you shouldn’t attempt doing it as well (you will always do it differently). 

Anti self-criticism. Making art as a creative process, of playing. No finality in your artworks.


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