Breath-taking Photography

Do your photos take your breath away?

Recently when viewing my RICOH GR III photos on iPad Pro, I took my own breath away.

What does breath-taking mean?

Ricoh crops

To me, it is surprise.

When I photograph something, I have no idea what the final photo will look like. Thus when I review the photos later, I respark the memory of having shot the photo, but the final result surprises me! This surprise takes my breath away.

For example, shooting high contrast monochrome JPEG on RICOH GR III has been blowing my mind! The amount of detail, the beautiful jet blacks, and the aesthetics are sublime to me! When looking at my own photos, I would go:

Damn, these photos are pretty epic!

Collage eric kim monochrome Ricoh GR iii

You are the judge

This is what I love about photography and art:

You are the ultimate judge.

If you like the photos, then the photos are good.

Then the goal is simple:

Never stop impressing yourself with your own photos!