Why Produce?

To produce is more fun!

As I outlined in ‘The Producerism Manifesto‘ — the basic notion is this:

In order to be happier, more joyful, and more powerful in life– focus on PRODUCING (making stuff), instead of being a consumer (user of stuff).

What will you decide to do?

So the question is this:

Given your short and uncertain life, what do you desire to truly devote your life to?

This is up to you. You must dictate your own future, dictate your own self-guided purpose in life, and dictate the direction you desire to take your life. Ain’t no “right” or “wrong” way. There is just an authentic path and inauthentic path.

  • Authentic: What you want to do.
  • Inauthentic: What society and others want you to do.

To produce is more fun, interesting, and empower.

Kids love to make and produce!

So in short:

When in doubt, produce more!


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