How to Make More Artistic Photos

Practical ideas:

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Ask your subject to curve their arms, to form an “arabesque”.

Lower angle and perspective

Get super low, and look for interesting leading lines in the background.

Shoot with your soul

Photograph your soulmates — individuals who you deeply love and care about. Imbue your photos with your soul.

Shoot against the light

Embrace randomness with lighting. Shoot against the sun or light, and always experiment with the light! Shoot flash, natural light — all forms of light.

Create a palette for your artistic mood

I love monochrome for the gritty aesthetic. It shows my soul.

Choose a post processing style which suits your mood, emotion, and soul. Also use ERIC KIM PRESETS if you need a starting point.

Proclaim yourself as a visual artist

You don’t need to prove anything to anybody. You’re a visual artist. Thus, use your camera to make your visual art!



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