How to be Creative Everyday

You are a creator, innovator, and artist. Now we got that out of the way, what are some practical tactics and tips to empower you to be creative everyday?

1. Sketch

Single line face sketches by ANNETTE KIM from CREATIVE EVERY DAY

Make sketches in a book, or make sketches in your phone (I like Zen Brush 2 app).

Sketch whatever you see around you, and don’t aim for it to be “good”. Just aim to have fun, and fool around!

For example I just sketched this on my phone in about 5 seconds:

2. Photograph on your phone

Snapshots are the best shots. Just shoot on your phone! I love iPhone and the HUJI CAM app:

3. Blog

I love blogging. I feel it is one of the most empowering ways to create and share ideas.

If you don’t got a blog, make a blog if you’re not tech savvy. For more technical folks, use

Write anything! Blog like you would play a piano or any instrument. Have fun and enjoy the process.

4. Poetry

Write a rhyme, one at a time. Ring your creative bells and chime. Make big dollars not cents, make lots of art and don’t worry about your rent. Strive to make a dent in the universe like Steve Jobs, and stay childlike forever — Calvin and Hobbes.

I just made that up.

There is something intrinsic and fun to rhyming, rapping, and poetry.

If you don’t have time to photograph or do anything else— write rhymes! Do it on your phone or a piece of paper. Even Jay Z used to scribble rhymes on a brown bag when he was hustling on the streets and didn’t have a pen or pad.

Conclusion: Just make it!

All art is good art. Whatever you create, have fun with it. Create like a child. Tabula rasa (blank slate philosophy).

Practical tools

Simple tools you can use to create:

  1. Procreate (iPad or iPhone)
  2. Zen Brush 2
  3. iPhone camera + HUJI CAM app
  4. VHS CAM app (for recording videos)


Creative tools to empower you:

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