What is the Point of the Body?

Of course we need a body to live and for practical and functional purposes. But in today’s world and society, what is the role of the body from a philosophical perspective?

The body as essential for thinking

For myself, I always get my best ideas while walking or being physically active.

Thus, the body is essential for thinking.

For myself, thinking is one of the greatest joys of being alive. If we didn’t have a body, we obviously couldn’t think.

Thus for myself, this is what I try to optimize for:

Optimize the body activity in order to maximize my ability to think.

The more I walk, the more I think. Thus, I try to walk as much as possible– and I try to setup my lifestyle which allows this (preferable to live in a city where I can walk, and prefer to live without a car).

Novelty of environment for art-creation

As photographers, we obviously need our bodies to walk, to witness things, and to photograph them. I am very certain there is some ‘visual-kinesthetic’ synesthesia between our feet, legs, body, visual sensory-system, and our will to create art.

Thus the more we walk and use our bodies, the more novelty we experience– and all novelty for our eyes inspires us to make new photos!

The ultimate aim is to create art

Without my body, I cannot think, I cannot witness, and I cannot appreciate the world, and I cannot create artwork.

How to become a more productive artist

Thus, we should prioritize our body above everything else– in order for us to make art!

Simple ideas:

  1. Sleep: Sleep as probably one of the most essential functions of the human body. We should prioritize sleep above everything else — above money, productivity, etc. A simple way to know if you sleep ‘enough’ (wakeup without an alarm clock).
  2. Muscular strength: I believe that in order to be the ultimate productive artist, we need strong bodies from a physical/muscular/physiological perspective. For myself, when I am leaner (lower body fat percentage), and physically strong (lifting heavy weights at the gym)– I can channel my muscular strength into creating more artwork! I am more productive writing, thinking, making videos, making beats, making photos, making visual images.
  3. Stimulate your thinking with walking much, listening to music which encourages you to dance and move your feet, and utilizing a ‘standing desk’ whenever possible. For example as I type these words on my laptop, I am using a plastic stool on top of a dresser (not ergonomic, yet still works). Avoid sitting as much as humanly possible. Better to be standing, walking, or lying on your back (take naps more often).
  4. Buy a kettlebell and keep it next to your desk or work place. When you need some blood to re-invigorate your thinking, do a few kettlebell swings, and ‘goblet squats’. I think there is a synesthesia with muscular movement and artistic/creative movement/ideation.
  5. If your body is exhausted, take a quick nap.
  6. To refresh your mind and body, go get a strong massage (I recommend cheap massages at Chinese/Thai places), or use a hot sauna (I have one at my local gym — and try to sauna at least once a day). Or take an icy cold shower, or a super hot shower. There seems to be a bodily/creative benefit to cycle between super-hot and super-cold.

More turbo thoughts to come!


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