In Search of the Sublime

When I’m studying the artwork of others, I’m always hungry for the sublime — art that is so sublimely beautiful, that the artwork feels effortless, and you can feel the grace, beauty, and power of the artist.

It is all subjective

All art is subjective. The only important question:

Discover what artwork you consider beautiful and sublime, and strive to integrate these learnings into your own artwork.

Furthermore, I feel the purpose of studying the artwork of others is to improve your own artwork, and give you inspiration to make your own artwork!

My current muse: Japanese woodcut prints. I love these landscapes, and the grace of the movements in the compositions. Sketched with Procreate app.

How to discover sublime art

I like to randomly stumble upon great artists from the past.

My suggestion:

Ignore art critics. If you don’t like the art work, it is bad. If you like it, it is good art work.

For myself, I consider an art work as sublime when I look at it, and it takes away my breath.

For music, any music which uplifts my mood and gets me dancing is sublime and godly.

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