Turbo Thoughts

My thoughts of today (reading “The Genealogy of Morals” by Nietzsche) at the Potrero Hill Library in SF:

  1. The point of life isn’t to minimize pain. Why anesthesia yourself? What if pain was a necessary accompaniment to achieve epic greatness?
  2. How to fight depression — prioritize yourself and your own needs/self-focus to the greatest extent. To reformat your mind (philosophy). Live in Vietnam, or any place with a very low cost of living? Take a year off from toilsome labor, to focus on your own creative work?
  3. Why allow yourself to suffer from yourself? Why suffer? Do you have the power to inflict suffering upon yourself? If so, do you willingfully inflict suffering upon yourself?
  4. Don’t seek pain, nor shirk away from it. Don’t flinch.
  5. Why fear becoming conscious? Do you not like being around your own thoughts? Why drown out your thoughts with drugs or alcohol? Why not enhance your thoughts and make them more powerful instead?
  6. Have confidence in the future. Hope is dope.
  7. What do you consider lacking in your life, and how can you close that gap?
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