To better understand images, composition, design — almost anything — deconstruct it (take it apart, dissect it, then figure out why you like it):

Henri Cartier- Bresson

For example the work of Henri Cartier-Bresson— he’s probably the best composition photographer of all time. I delight in taking apart his shots to better understand them, also to integrate his composition principles to my own photography:

Physics and geometry

I really love deconstructing compositions from physics and abstract algebra/geometry books. I shoot photos on iPad Pro, trace the photos in the Procreate app.

This has helped me cross-pollinate and understand (graphically) physics principles — understanding it better, and also hoping to apply these principles to my own visual artwork.

Deconstruct what you like

There ain’t “good” or “bad” art or design. To me, it is only “what you like” and “what you don’t like”.

Only deconstruct design which you’re personally curious and interested in (ignore others). Follow your own nose and tastes — and never stop following your curiosity!


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