My Personal Rules for Myself

A list of my personal virtues/vices, and personal rules for myself.

Why make personal rules for yourself?

If you want to become the most epic you possible, I think we need severe self-discipline for ourselves. For us to dictate our own morals, ethics, virtues/vices– for ourselves.

We aren’t fooled– what is good for us is probably not good for others; either others aren’t strong enough to follow the strict and severe (extreme) rules we have for ourselves– or perhaps others are just cut from a different cloth.

Regardless, we (above all) seek self-power — to become stronger. And perhaps the only way to become stronger is to build a strict, Spartan-line military discipline upon yourself.

My personal rules

Below is a list of my personal rules for myself. This list is constantly in change and flux– but it works for me quite well so far, in terms of having more energy, power, a more elevated and lofty mood,

  1. No dairy (cheese/yogurt), grains, carbs, nuts
  2. No being petty
  3. No blaming others for anything (even if it is “their” fault — it is always my fault)
  4. No sitting (either stand, or lie on my back)
  5. No eating breakfast or lunch (fast until dinner)
  6. No going a single day without some sort of physical activity (which means, I must workout at least once a day — doing deadlift, squats, heavy dumbbell press).
  7. No looking at TV screens (poisoning my mind with advertising, distractions).
  8. No checking email (only use it when absolutely necessary).
  9. No reading gear reviews, gear websites, blogs, websites, magazines

Share more of your own thoughts and ideals

There is a super epic quote that the French moralist philosopher Vauvenargues stated (see his quotes/epub), that goes something like:

It would be best if every author only wrote about their own thoughts and experiments.

Vauvenargues I think, essentially meant to say:

The most useful wisdom or knowledge to produce is YOUR OWN! Don’t seek to just be an interpreter, commentator, or compiler of the knowledge and wisdom/experiences of others. Focus on speaking from yourself, your own life experiences. Don’t strive to become anyone else but yourself.

A society run by the media


This is the problem —

Currently in America, society is run by the media.

That means anyone who has control of the media has control over– well, almost everything.

Consider that perhaps one of the main contributing factors to Donald Trump being elected into office was the billions of dollars of free advertising that (mostly “liberal” news agencies) gave to Mr. Donaldo. They knew that in criticizing Donald Trump, they would sell more newspapers, more people would watch their TV news, and thus they would get more advertising dollars.

Now, if the liberal media truly didn’t want Mr. Trump to get involved into office, they should’ve NOT mentioned him so much in the media. But alas, clicks, dollars, and eyeballs are what runs (modern) society.

The reason I bring this up isn’t to disparage Donald Trump — the reason I’m bringing this up is this:

The media has the power to essentially to put whoever in political power. The media has the power to make someone president (or NOT make someone president), or other positions of power.

Which means,

The media (internet, social media, newspapers, TV, blogs) manipulates and changes our thoughts too much for the worse — especially if the thing is run by advertising.

Discover your own personal truths

My ultimate suggestion to you is this:

Don’t seek wisdom or self-knowledge by studying others. When you are reading or listening to the thoughts of others, use it as a means or as a tools of self-knowledge and self-power.

Develop your own self-wisdom and self-knowledge to the highest possible extent, which means:

Introspect more about yourself, think more about your personal thoughts, opinions, life experiences– and what personal truths apply to you.

Then, share your own personal truths with others (via your own website, blog, YouTube channel, etc). That will encourage OTHERS in society to discover THEIR own personal truths; which I think will ultimately help all of humanity, and future generations of society.

Discover you,


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