Why Do We Delight in Movement and Change?

I thought this while walking

Why is it that as humans, we delight in movement and change?

My theory:

The function of our brain is to move things, change things, make things, and build things.

We get bored of the static and the same

No matter how good something is, we will get bored of it. This includes our homes, our environment, our clothes, and our things. To be human is to be bored of the same. I believe all humans delight in change, novelty, and the new.

Now, I believe this is a good thing. If we were too easily satisfied with the same or the old, we would all probably still be eating acorns in some cave somewhere.

How to become more powerful

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Some propositions:

  1. The point of life isn’t to be satisfied, because you will never be satisfied. Rather, harness your feelings of dissatisfactions in a active way — harness your dissatisfaction to drive you forward to make new things, to imagine new things, and build new things.
  2. Avoid comfort, and spurn stability. In terms of physics, there is no such thing as anything which is ‘stable’. Even atoms are constantly moving and bouncing around. The same goes with light particles. It is erroneous for us to believe that stability and comfort is desired. Instead, perhaps it is desirable for us to enjoy change, movement, and the never-ending flux of reality.

Once again in simple words:

Change is good; static is bad.

When in doubt, move.

I think there is this strange notion that the secret of ‘happiness’ is to become ‘financially independent’, to live on ‘passive income‘, to sit at home, watch Netflix, on a super comfortable couch, and not have to do anything.

But to me, that is living death.

What if the opposite were true? What if it was in-fact, superior to always have to actively work for your income? What if financial independence is undesirable? What if once you gain financial independence, you become softer, and become more complacent?

What if being a little hungry in terms of needing money is a positive stimulus to our lives; to help us be active in our lives?

I know for myself, hunger is a good stimulus; by fasting all day (and being hungry), I actually have motivation to move and be active (perhaps to acquire food?)

Moving is good

Anything which encourages you to move is good. The word, ‘motivation‘ literally means to move.

Of course we must rest, sleep, and recover. But perhaps when we are resting and recovering, it should be done lying down on our back (napping, or sleeping), instead of sitting sedentary on a chair, and just consuming media.

For myself, I try to move as much as possible. I am happiest when I am walking, seeing new things, and moving my muscles.

Furthermore, I always get my best ideas when I am moving– when I am walking around the block, when I am lifting weights at the gym, or when I’m just out-and-about (even seeing the changing landscape while I am driving a car is delightful).

Why is photography good for us?

Remember; life is more important than photography.

And I think an essential part of life is to move!

So perhaps one of the biggest benefits of photography (especially street photography) is that it encourages us to move! To walk!

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To make better street photographs, you must walk much! You must explore new parts of the city, you must travel, and generally speaking– the longer and further you walk, the more “decisive moments” you will see; and the more you will shoot, and the happier you will be!


Contax IIIa x new Henri Neck Strap Mark III (Mahogany Brown)

Stasis is bad. Never stop moving!