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What Moves You?

Dear friend,

To philosophize a bit on life — let’s ask ourselves the question, “What moves us?” “What is the primary driver, or motivation behind our actions?” “Why live and wake up in the morning?” — or in simple words, “What moves us?” #philosophy

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Well, it depends on the individual. But let me try to share what moves me (ERIC KIM):

  1. A desire to empower other human beings: I was once disempowered, and now I feel enlightened in my own self purpose and direction in life. I believe that I have some knowledge, information, and ideas which can benefit others. I recognize that my ideas won’t help everyone; but even if I can help a few individuals, it is worth pursuing!
  2. I like the mental pleasure of challenging my thoughts, coming up with new ideas, and the mental gymnastics of the mind: When it comes to life, I gain the most joy and delight from studying philosophy, poetry, and creating my own artwork —whether rhymes, pictures, paintings, photos, words, etc. I love the barbell of life between learning from the masters, and creating my own artwork. To me, this is what makes life so fun and enjoyable —to know there’s a vast (digital) ocean for me to swim in and to explore new ideas, and also for me to create and stream my own ideas, thoughts, and concepts —and to hopefully make a little splash in this massive digital ocean called the Internet.
  3. From a practical and physiological perspective, drinking black coffee in the morning increases my heart rate, which physically pumps me up, excites me, and motivates me. Also, when walking in the park and working out on the jungle gym in the morning gives me a pump of increased blood flow and energy — which motivates me to act, create, and do! I also intentionally fast (don’t eat food) until dinner time (around 5-6pm) in order to stay sharp, keen, and fierce — so I can continue to study and create. Once I eat dinner, I go “ham” (hard as a mofo) and eat an unlimited meal of fatty meats, eggs, and leafy greens. Then a nice conversation with Cindy, friends, and family. Then a nice cold shower, some reading in bed, then sleep. This is pretty much my daily routine.

Anyways, this is just an insight into my life and my motivations. We all have different motivations in life —in terms of having different self-directed purposes in life. We also have different ways that we give ourselves physiological energy, strength, and power.

Just some questions for you to ponder for yourself:

  1. What do I want my legacy to be after I die? What kind of purpose do I devote myself that is greater than myself?
  2. Do I desire to influence and impact a small number of people very deeply and profoundly, or do I desire to impart and influence many people on a large-scale —but perhaps with a smaller impact in life? (No right or wrong answer here).
  3. What drains my energy and willpower during the day? How can I subtract things or activities which drain my willpower— and how can I incorporate physical exercises into my daily schedule which will give me a pump or shot of motivational energy?

BE BOLD, BE BRAZEN, and do what gives you purpose and a sense of meaning in your life —everyday until the day we die!



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