The Rolling Stone Gathers No Moss; You’re the Boss!

The rolling stone gathers no moss, you’re the boss

The rolling stone gathers no moss
Everyday keep moving forward, apply the daily floss
The rolling stone gathers no moss
You must keep moving, keep grooving, to the mood of your mind
Be kind, stay hopeful, stay woke
Save up your money for experiences, don’t go broke

Get a shot of inspiration from books, no need for a toke
Work out everyday, and break some shells and get yolked

Take the yoke off your oxen neck
And stay focused on yourself, no need to brexit or exit, thinking others are holding you down
Keep the bass bumping, that’s your creative sound
Keep prowling the streets and let your talk holler
Stand up straight, and grow taller

Ain’t nobody stopping you, ain’t no Mexican wall
Stand proud, stay straight, be strong; you’re about to go on stage, it’s your first and final call!

Ball hard go hard keep bouncing back
In the evening relax and enjoy a meal with some friends
Make amends with your enemies and your own dark past
Chew through the broken glass and distorted mirrors
And never stop searching for truth; you’re getting nearer.