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Unorthodox Workout and Diet Tips I’ve Learned After 10 Years of Self-Experimentation

Dear friend,

Some secrets about diet, exercise, working out, etc I’ve discovered over the last 10 years of self experimentation which I’ve discovered is totally unorthodox and counter intuitive, which has helped me put on muscle mass, lose body fat, and gain more focus and energy for my artistic pursuits.

1. Don’t eat until dinner

Eric kim muscle flex Saigon

First of all, I don’t eat immediately after working out. Instead, I’ll do “intermittent fasting” until dinner time, and somehow I’ve been able to put on more muscle than I’ve done in the past!

For example, I’d workout in the morning, going to the park and doing chin ups while lifting my legs, dips, and pseudo planches at around 8am, and I’ll fast (not eat) until around 4-6pm (for dinner I’ll eat like crazy, strict ketogenic diet, all eggs, leafy greens, fatty meats).

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We’re always brainwashed to be told to immediately consume protein or a protein shake after working out. I’ve found this to be false.

And if you’re curious, genetically I’m an “ectomorph” skinny-fat Asian body type.

2. Cutting fat

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I have a 6 pack, and this is the truth of how I got it:

  1. Intermittent fasting (no breakfast or lunch, only dinner).
  2. No sugar, no high fructose corn syrup, no fruit, no sweet drinks, no starches, no dairy (lactose is sugar), no carbohydrates, no bread, no rice, no tubers, no nuts (I gain body fat from even almonds).
  3. Ketogenic diet: I only eat fatty meats (chicken legs, chicken thigh, pork ribs, ground beef, pork belly, etc), as well as eggs and leafy greens (spinach, kale, herbs) and Kimchi.

Myths to avoid

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Diet myths to avoid about fat cutting:

  1. False: eating fat doesn’t make you fat.
  2. False: calories in vs calories out myth (read Good Calories, Bad Calories by Gary Taubes). Eating fewer calories than you “burn” will not cause you to lose body fat from a biological and metabolic perspective.
  3. False: Eating lots of cholesterol will cause heart disease and heart attacks (read Gary Taubes on the cholesterol myth).

3. Working out the same muscle groups everyday

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Everyday I’m pretty much doing the same exact workout at the park: chin ups until failure (or when I get bored), as well as dips, and body planches.

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We’re told if you workout the same muscle groups everyday, you won’t put on muscle mass. I’ve discovered this to be false. I’ve put on considerable muscle mass in spite of what the “experts” say.

Other working out hacks I’ve discovered

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Other random stuff:

  1. I’ve done a 405+ Deadlift (at bodyweight of 160) with the simple protocol: add 5 pounds every week for a few years. In college at age 19 I started with 135lb Deadlift. My max at age 28 was 415lb Deadlift. Deadlift once a week, trying your “one rep max” every week for the last lift.
  2. Dive bombers pushups better than standard pushups to reduce chance of shoulder injury.
  3. To heal shoulders after torn rotator cuff (bench press injury) use the “Broomstick stretch” 50x a day and you’ll heal after about a month.
  4. Heavy Dumbbell press superior to bench press, because it’s safer, less strain on your shoulders. If you can’t do a certain lift, it’s easy to “bail” by dropping dumbbells on the side. Also you don’t need a spotter.
  5. When doing Squats at gym, best to do “ass to grass” technique.
  6. Lifting belt totally a scam: Not necessary even for heavy lifts. I did my 410lb Deadlift without a belt. Never used one and never will.
  7. For shoes, the more minimal the better. Get Vibrum five-finger shoes, squat or Deadlift in your socks, or my new favorite — invest in “water shoes” (I like the shark style on Amazon).


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This is just information I wish someone told me if I started working out all over again, and also just dietary/food advice I wish I knew.

Take the bits you find interesting and disregard the rest.


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