Cindy abstract in bed in marseille, 2017

Life Update from Marseille

Dear friend,

Cindy and I just arrived here in Marseille, in the south of France, and will be here for the next month working on creative projects like new videos, blog posts, and other information to empower you.


Exciting New Stuff

For example, Cindy just put together this epic film: Meditations on Life and Photography with ERIC KIM >

Also, I’ve been busy at work digging really deep into composition:

ANNETTE KIM has also put together a FREE Introduction to Photography Composition PDF Visualization, which you can download the PDF directly here.

Meditations on Life

As the end of the year is wrapping up, I’ve used this opportunity to reflect on life, and count my blessings. I am so grateful to have Cindy in my life, who empowers me daily, pushes me in my artistry, and also gives me the creative confidence and courage to reach new heights with my photography, philosophy, and thinking.

I’m also grateful for the health of my friends and family, and counting my blessing that I have been able to work so closely with my sister Annette Kim, who has doing a phenomenal job on her FREE Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Street Photography Series Visualization. Annette went to OTIS for a year for art school, didn’t feel it was right for her, and dropped out. She has been trying to find her artistic voice for a while now, so I am glad I am able to help empower her — all the thanks goes to Cindy who helps direct Annette. Annette has even created her own YouTube channel, her first video: Why Making Art Will Improve Your Life

As for myself, I’ve been meditating a lot on my life’s purpose. I still feel it is to teach workshops and write books, but I’ve been trying to think deeper. As of now, I am trying to discover new secrets in art, photography, and life — in order to share with you these secrets.

For example, some truths I think I’ve discovered:

  1. A lot of painters like Vermeer has used camera obscuras to paint, and aid in their perspective. Therefore, painters have used the camera as a tool to make their art. Perhaps we as photographers can do the same — learn more about painting to improve our photography. I’ve been using the ProCreate App on the iPad to deconstruct a lot of compositions, for example — the compositions of Henri Cartier-Bresson, and have been having a lot of fun in the process.
  2. The secret to happiness as a photographer-artist isn’t to travel the world, gain a lot of awards, and make a bunch of money — it is to have artistic freedom; making art which brings us joy. Having full control and autonomy over our art-making (which is totally possible while having a 9-5 job).
  3. There is a certain zen of being able to delete and let go of your photos. I recently watched Blade Runner, and got inspired to consider — our photos are not us. We are not our memories. We are who we are, right now, in the present moment. We must enjoy the present moment, and look forward to the future with optimism.
  4. For me, the more productive I am, the happier I am. Productivity as PRODUCING and making stuff, not just answering a bunch of emails, or doing busy work. Therefore I encourage you to also do the same — produce more photographs, produce more of your own blog posts, and perhaps start your own YouTube channel.
  5. Enough is never enough: No matter how much money I make, how many followers I gain — I still worry and feel anxiety about the future. The secret: realize I will never feel ‘secure’ — yet still, make as much art as possible, and relish the joy of the present moment.

Plans for 2018

Cindy and I will spend Christmas in Marseille, then exciting news– both our mom (yes, both our moms) are going to visit us, and we will travel together in Lisbon for about 3 weeks. We booked a nice AirBnb, and Cindy hopes to continue her Me Translated project, and I also hope to spend more time with (both my) moms, and more meditations on life.

After Lisbon, Cindy and I fly out to London, where I am doing a Conquer Your Fears in Street Photography Workshop (Jan 27-28th, 2018) — early-bird deadline is December 31st. Annette will join us for a LONDON HAPTIC Internship, where she will collaborate more with Cindy and I, to make new epic products for HAPTIC.

Middle of Feb, Cindy and I are flying to NYC, where I am doing a Conquer Your Fears in Street Photography Workshop (Feb 21-22nd), and a new Dynamic Street Photography Composition Workshop (Feb 24-25th).

April, we fly to Kyoto, where Cindy will have more time to focus writing her Ph.D. dissertation on the history of the Vietnamese Library, and then we have the exciting two workshops in Japan:

June we will be back in LA to spend time with family, and come July — we have no idea where we will be. Maybe back in NYC, Europe, or who knows.

When are we settling down?

Me and Cindy in elevator. Berlin, 2017
Selfie of me and Cindy in elevator. Berlin, 2017

Honestly, we don’t know. Living life on the road, out of a backpack and single duffel bag has been great for us. It has helped us stay uncomfortable, which is good for our artistic and creative juices. Not only that, it has helped us live simply, as we cannot feed our Amazon Prime addiction while being abroad.

My personal goal with Cindy is for us to both continue making art, and sharing it with others. I also hope to start doing more seminars in the future– not just street photography, but seminars on art and life.

Life is fleeting, and I’m just trying to enjoy every day to the fullest, and share that joy with you.

Thank you always for the love and support, none of this would be possible without you.

Hugs from Marseille,
Eric & Cindy

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