The More Productive I Am, The Happier I Am

Why productivity brings me happiness and joy in life.

1. I don’t like email

I think I’ve discovered one of the keys to happiness (for myself): productivity.

I don’t mean to say productivity as just answering a bunch of emails, and always being busy with ‘busy work’. Rather, I see productivity as PRODUCING a lot.

2. A producer vs consumer mindset

Producers shall inherit the earth.

The more you produce, the more value you create for society and for others.

Not only that, but the more you produce, the happier you are.

The more you produce, the more often you are in a ‘flow’ state– totally immersed in the work or the activity that you partake in.

3. I like being in control.

When we produce, we feel in control of our lives and destiny.

4. How I am productive

The secret to productivity — shut out distractions.

For example, I have taken very radical steps to become much more productive in my life– which include:

  1. I don’t own a phone
  2. I don’t use email
  3. I don’t care much about the works of others
  4. I try to stay as far away from modern-day events, current news, and media– and instead, study ancient history to learn more about human behavior (Histories by Herodotus, History of the Peloponnesian war by Thucydides)
  5. I use simple and minimalist tools for production, like IA WRITER for writing, and a RICOH GR II camera for photography

5. What is the purpose of your life?

I don’t think there is an ultimate ‘reason’ to living or life. Ultimately, you must decide your own personal values, and find the purpose in your own life.

For me, the purpose of my life:

I want to make the world more dope or awesome.

I want to make things that empower, encourage, and excite people. Above all, I want to show others how being alive is SUCH A BLESSING, and I want to share that joy of living and life with others.

I often find that by producing a lot– producing videos, producing writing, and producing photos and pictures– gives me more control, certainty, and joy in life– rather than just passively consuming information.

6. Extreme productivity and extreme rest and recovery

Of course, you must allow yourself to have time to rest and recuperate. We are organic beings that need rest and recovery, not machines that can just keep running on fuel.

I follow Nassim Taleb’s philosophy of the ‘barbell method’– either extreme productivity, or extreme laziness. When I am productive, I drink a shitload of coffee, fast (don’t eat anything during the way), and just keep producing. When it is the evening, I prefer to be lazy, eat a lot, relax, and just read books.

7. I want to make more art.

For myself, producing more has made me happier. It won’t work for you, but for myself– the more you produce, the more money you will eventually make, and the more money you have, the more freedom and optionality you have in your life, the less stress and anxiety, and therefore more opportunities to create more art.

Conclusion: What fruit do you bear?

Ultimately, I want to shift the culture — let us take control of our own lives and destinies, by creating and producing more, and consuming less.

As Marcus Aurelius said, we praise a grape vine by how much fruit it produces. Shouldn’t the same apply to us?

What kind of fruit are you bearing and producing? How can you add value to the lives of others in society– and empower others?

Let us make more sweet golden grapes, and quench the thirst of others.


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