Silhouette and purple background. Berlin, 2017
Cindy Silhouette and purple background. Berlin, 2017

As a modern photographer, you are no longer just a “photographer”, marketer, blogger, vlogger— you are a “streamer”.


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MODERN PHOTOGRAPHER is your new philosophical and practical primer to succeed as a modern photographer in today’s digital world.

Live-streaming, or life-streaming?


Heraclitus once said, life is all a stream. Another saying, “No man steps into the same river twice.”

Consider, we life in a digital stream. We stream our thoughts (Facebook status updates, and tweets), we stream our daily life experiences (YouTube and “vlogging”), and we stream pictures more or less real-time (uploading pictures to Instagram, or snapchatting them with our friends).

Therefore in modern society, there is no editing. It is all a raw, stream, of information, pictures, photos, voices, sounds, and images.

Editing is dead.


When I say editing, I mean ‘image selection’, or having the skill of choosing your best pictures.

In writing, “editing” is knowing which words to keep, and which words to delete.

In the past, we were told by our teachers to edit. Edit down our thoughts, ideas, and to create a well-structured paragraph essay (I still remember the basic structure of introduction, body, and conclusion).

But today, times are different. Not only that, but if you think about it… real life, and Mother Nature doesn’t “edit”. It is all raw information and ideas, constantly streaming, and flowing — just like a river.

What does this mean?

My opinion:

To succeed in today’s modern world, you must make and produce more. You must always innovate, take risks, and think big.

Stream of consciousness

When I say “streaming”— I don’t necessarily mean these “live streaming services.”

Rather, I recommend for you to stream your information, ideas, pictures, and videos like a “stream of consciousness.”

In other practical words:

Don’t edit. Don’t strive for perfection. You’re constantly in a ‘state of becoming.’ Perfection isn’t the goal.

The goal is to keep streaming your artistic output. For you to never run out of ideas, and inspiration.

Flow state

You want to get into the zone— where you can just stream your artistic information. To get into a flow state, you must not censor yourself. Don’t edit as you create. If you do wish to edit, do it at the very end — far later.


  1. Write a blog post, and don’t edit it, and just hit “publish”.
  2. Start a YouTube channel, hit record with your webcam (or use the selfie video mode on your phone), and make a “stream of consciousness” video — sharing whatever is on your mind.
  3. Do a “day in the life” photography project, and publish 10 pictures from your day (share on your photography website, blog, or social media.


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