10 Reasons Why Your Phone is the Best Camera For Street Photography

  1. Your phone is always with you. Therefore, you will miss fewer “decisive moments.” No more excuses not for shooting street photography.
  2. People don’t feel threatened by a phone. DSLR often looks intimidating, especially with a big lens. Remember the saying, “Creepiness is proportional to focal length” (the longer your lense, the more creepy you look in Street Photography).
  3. Instant feedback: the more you shoot on your phone you get instant feedback (you can see what your photos look like immediately afterwards). You can also quickly send your photoshop to your friends to ask them for their feedback.
  4. More depth of field: Bokeh is bad for street photography. Having more depth is better. You will get more photos in focus. You will add more depth and layers to your street photos. For inspiration, study Alex Webb.
  5. You save money: use your money to buy books, not gear. Attend workshops. More money to travel and have life-affirming experiences.
  6. Shoot longer without fatigue: Shooting with a heavy camera is death. You feel more tired with a heavy camera. With a light camera (phone), you can shoot all day long. Oh yeah, and bring along a battery pack, and shoot in airplane mode to conserve battery.
  7. You can brag: Making a good street photo on a phone is more worthy to brag about than making a good photo on an expensive camera.
  8. Less annoying to transfer photos to your computer: process your photos in your phone via VSCO, the best photo editing app out there.
  9. You can email your subjects their photos instantly via email. It is good to show your photos to your subjects afterwards.
  10. It is more fun: Less worrying about technical settings, and more shooting. If I taught my kid photography, it would all be on a phone.

Ultimately street photography is whatever you want it to be. So make it for yourself, and never let anyone with an expensive camera talk down on you.



The best camera is a phone:

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