Enroll in STREET CLUB: Your Photography Summer School


CINDY: I remember as a kid, when summer rolled around and I could not wait to get out of class and finally get to do all the things I wanted to do: sleep in, read more books, learn the cello, write my short story, etc.

But then days quickly turned into months where I found myself wasting away. I remember my days alone, doing nothing because I lacked the community of classmates and structure of class and assignments.

Eric and I have been working hard on re-kindling our creative spirits by rediscovering the kid in all of us. We wanted to help others find their inner-child and also help young people who are aspiring artists with limited resources.

Thus I had an idea. STREET CLUB: Photography Summer School!

How to Enroll in the Free Summer School

“Enroll” in the STREET CLUB: STREET PHOTOGRAPHY SUMMER SCHOOL by joining the new Eric Kim Forum.

Each week on Sunday, I will start a new thread for the assignment of the week. The assignments will be based off of the assignments in STREET NOTES.

We want you to share your photos, reflections, and questions related to that assignment and comment on other’s submissions.

STREET NOTES is your (fun) Textbook

Use STREET NOTES as our summer school “textbook” to complete assignments, share photos and reflections, and receive feedback. It is not mandatory to purchase Street Notes, but it would be useful and valuable to have a printed copy to follow along and write down notes.

  1. If you are a student and cannot afford to purchase Street Notes, email me at with your mailing address and we will mail you a copy of Street Notes free of charge. (Limited to the first 50 students).
  2. If you can afford to purchase Street Notes, pick one up in our shop or on By purchasing Street Notes, the proceeds also will go towards offsetting the price of Street Notes and shipping for students who do not have the resources to purchase it themselves.

The summer school will begin July 1, 2017.