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How to Change the World With Photography

Eric kim mom

Can photography change the world? I think you can:

1. Change yourself first

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First of all, I think photography can change the world by changing how you see the world.

We need to be the first step in changing the world. How can we expect to change the world, if we can’t change ourselves?

For me, photography has helped me find more appreciation in the world, and in everyday life. Street photography has taught me that any interaction, any person, or anything can be something of beauty.

Photography has helped me become more brave in life. To take more risks. To put my best foot forward. To help me become more self-confident as an artist of life.

So I would say, start off by finding more blessings in life through photography. Complain a little less everyday, and find more blessings to count each day. Before I go to sleep, I generally recap the day with Cindy and say at least 3 things I am grateful for today. And use your camera, as a way to record your blessings.

2. Make someone feel beautiful

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Cindy’s mom / Hoi An, 2017

I think photography is a great tool to help others find self-confidence.

For example, I love to photograph ladies who I find beautiful and elegant. And I will tell them. And they will laugh, smile, and feel better about themselves.


I want to continue my ‘laughing ladies’ project— because I feel I can change the world by changing the perception and the attitude of one individual at a time.

Think about it this way: you make 1 person feel good about themselves today. Then they will go home, and make their family members feel good. And the domino effect will continue.

By positively influencing one person, you can influence thousands, if not millions.

3. Share beautiful photos

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I think that the point of photography is to uplift the human soul. To help stir our emotions, our heart, and to remind ourselves what a blessing it is to be alive.

Therefore, strive to make beautiful photographs. Not only for your own benefit, but for the benefit of others. Share photos that you feel are truly beautiful— and photos that you think will motivate, inspire, and uplift others.

4. Bringing social awareness

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One of the most important things in photography is social documentation. To document our fellow human beings, in a variety of social situations.

I think photography is one of the best tools to bring awareness of pain and suffering in the world. People have more faith in their eyes than in their ears. So by documenting what you consider an injustice in the world, you bring awareness.

Of course, just because you photograph starving kids in Africa doesn’t mean that millions of people will suddenly open their wallets and their hearts, and poverty will be erased. However, if you can make a photograph which makes at least 1 person think differently— and perhaps change their behavior, or even donate $20— you’ve changed the world through that one individual.

5. Building your own self-confidence

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Lastly, I feel photography is the best self-empowerment tool. I’ve become more brave, more courageous, and more loving as a human being through photography.

By empowering myself, I can better seek to empower others. I have built up more of my self-esteem by being comfortable making self-portraits of myself. I have found more love and gratitude for the loved ones in my life— especially making portraits of Cindy. I have found more peace in my heart, and gratitude in life.

I want to be all positivity and good vibes. And photography has helped me achieve that. And now, I use photography as a tool and a platform to help others find purpose, meaning, and satisfaction in their lives.

And you can too. Start off by overcoming your personal fears, your personal lack of self-confidence, and seek to empower your fellow human beings through your photography.

Photograph and document your loved ones. Make others feel beautiful through your photos. Bring social awareness through the lens of your camera.

Conclusion: Be the change you wish to see in the world

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You can change the world with photography, one viewer at a time. And if you cannot change the opinion, minds, or hearts of others— at least you can change yourself.

Like Gandhi said: “Be the change you wish to see in the world.”


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