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How to Bounce Back in Life

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Yesterday I fucked up, but today I’m on track
Yeah / get back to the crib and blessings falling in my lap
What don’t kill me makes me stronger // I always bounce back

I currently am inspired by Big Sean and his song, “Bounce Back.”

In life, how do we learn how to bounce back? When we take a Loss— how do we use that setback, to bounce back, even stronger?

What does a ball do?

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When you throw a ball hard against the ground, it will bounce back up with an equal force.

The same happens ill life. When we are thrown to the ground, we need to be like a rubber ball. We need to bounce back with equal force (if not, greater force).

Things which have helped me bounce back in life– which I hope can help you too:

1. How has this negative event made me into a stronger person?

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We cannot prevent being thrown to the ground. But we have the power to decide to bounce back, or lay motionless on the ground— defeated.

I know for me, whenever bad shits happens to me, I always think to myself: “How can I turn this negative event into a positive one?”

For example, I make a bad financial decision (like trading penny stocks in my early 20’s). I lost $4,000. I remember when that happened, I told myself: “Let this be an (expensive) $4,000 lesson. When I’m older, I will make sure not to make a $40,000 mistake.”

When I said something to upset Cindy — I remind myself to think before I talk.

When I tore my rotator cuff (twice) in college while bench-pressing (more than I could) — the lesson I learned was this: The importance of warming up, and not letting my ego get in the way. Who knows, that negative experience of tearing my rotator cuffs could have prevented me from a future (even worse) event — perhaps like trying to bench-press without a spotter, and dropping the barbell on my neck (and dying).

So whenever you have a shitty situation in your life, think of how it was a small (and expensive/painful) lesson — to prevent even worse future events.

2. Carte blanche

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The French have a saying: “Carte Blanche” (a blank sheet of paper).

I think of each day as a brand new day. A fresh clean white piece of paper. No regrets or baggage from the past. I start fresh.

This reminds me, that I don’t need to let my past mistakes define my today, or my future. I mentally try to re-format my brain and memories. And start off fresh — thinking of the present moment, and how I can improve my future.

3. You’re still alive

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No matter how horrible a thing happens to you — you’re still alive. You might lose an eye, your legs, your arms, your sight, hearing, sense of smell, memory—health, whatever.

Just be grateful you’re still alive.

Life is the best blessing we have in life. And no matter how shitty the set-backs; we can always keep on living, surviving, and thriving.

There is a reason mother nature gave us (mostly) two of everything. Two eyes, two legs, two arms, two lungs, two kidneys, two (parts) of a brain. That means if one part of us is injured— we still have the other, to keep us alive.

Whenever something horrible happens to me, I remind myself to pause— breathe in, and to remind myself: “Thank God I’m still alive. I’m strong. I have survived (even worse) things in the past. And even if this is a worse scenario, what doesn’t kill me only makes me stronger.”

Conclusion: Always bounce back

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Think physics. Bounce back like a ball, no matter how bad something happens to you.

And never give up hope. A ball never stops bouncing back, no matter how many times we throw it unto the floor.

And aren’t you smarter than a ball?


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