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Update February 13, 2017: 

Thank you so much for your  purchases and donations! We have received over 100 orders and donations to send books as far as Lithuania, Israel, Italy, Brazil, India, and the United Kingdom. We have shipped out your books via USPS letter post. Please be patient as shipping times may vary based on each country (from 2 weeks to 4 weeks). Thank you so much again for your generosity and support.


As a way of saying thank you and happy new year, we wanted to offer for a limited time the gift of our newest Haptic book, Photo Journal: Personal Photography Reflections. Photo Journal retails for 19.95USD, but for a limited time we will offer a “Pay what you can” pricing model:

Why are we doing this?

We want to share Photo Journal to photographers around the world as much as possible regardless of personal circumstances. With everything going on in the world, we hope that Photo Journal can bring a little joy and personal meaning in your photography.  We also want to make Photo Journal accessible to those with fewer means and resources.

We hope that by providing a “Pay what you can” model, those with more financial resources can help support and cover the costs for others who want to get Photo Journal but have limited means.

Pay What You Can

If you would like to receive a copy of Photo Journal, click the link below to “Pay what you can” via Paypal. If you do not have a PayPal account, you can click on the option that says “Pay by credit card or bank account” on the Paypal link (on the bottom). Please follow these steps:

  1. Click on this “Pay what you can” link. –> You can still purchase a Photo Journal here:
  2. Make a donation amount of your choice. (Please submit an amount of 5USD minimum to cover the cost of shipping and handling to send the book anywhere in the world.)
    • Photo Journal retails for 19.95 USD. Any donation, higher or lower than that amount is welcomed.
    • If you would like to make a donation and not receive a copy of Photo Journal yourself, please add a note. This donation will help to cover the cost of Photo Journal and ship copies to those who have limited means.
  3. Remember to add your correct your mailing address. Feel free to include a little note too!

Thank you so much for your kindness, generosity, and support.


Cindy & Eric

Learn more about Photo Journal

Why do you take photos? Do you shoot for yourself, or for others? Do you want to find more personal meaning through your photography?

After the initial questions about gear, technique and style, what are the important deeper questions that draw you to photography? Inspired by these personal and honest conversations with friends, we created Photo Journal: Personal Photography Reflections. This new year, reflect on your photographic journey with Photo Journal by your side.

What is Photo Journal?

Photo Journal is a Personal Photography handbook to inspire you to make your photography more personally meaningful.

Photo Journal invites you to reflect on your photography, motivations, and dreams. This handbook is a friend to help you reflect on “why” — why you take photos, why photography is meaningful to you, and why creativity is important to you. Personal Photography is a tool to discover your own inner photography purpose and to better appreciate the beauty in the mundane.

Why Photo Journal?

In summer 2016 we put together Street Notes: A Workbook & Assignments Journal for aspiring street photographers to have in their pocket a ‘workshop’ with specific street photography assignments.

Photo Journal takes a similar format, but encourages you to look inward. Each day you are given a new pratical tip, prompt, or assignment to reflect and write. When you feel unmotivated in your photography, revisit Photo Journal to help you find more personal meaning in your photography.

Example Prompts

Photo Journal gives you 18 practical prompts or assignments such as:

  • Day 1: Why do I take photos?
  • Day 5: Who am I?
  • Day 6: Do I need to take photos everyday?
  • Day 15: Discover my inner child
  • Day 18: What do I want my legacy to be?

Fits in your pocket

We intentionally made Photo Journal pocket sized, 3.5 X 5.5 inches, 44 pages (100% recycled paper) so that you could always carry it with you in your front shirt pocket, back pocket, or bag.

Photo Journal can always be carried with you while you’re on the streets shooting, on your morning commute, or enjoyed alongside a nice cup of coffee or glass of wine. Flip through the prompts whenever you uninspired and seek motivation in your photography.

Connect with the community

We hope that Photo Journal will be a tool to connect with others working on Personal Photography. Share tips, host meet ups, and follow along the photographic journey with the hashtag #personalphotography on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

Our Mission

Cindy and I believe in making educational resources that can empower and inspire. From this dream came Haptic Press, which published “Street Notes” and now “Photo Journal.” We hope that that these books can bring joy, gratitude, and spark creativity in your life.

Purchase Photo Journal

We priced Photo Journal at 19.95 USD because Street Notes is printed in small, quality controlled batches in California. Each purchase will help to support open source information and keeping things free and open on the blog.

Photos of Photo Journal




International Shipping & Non-Amazon Order Information:

  • Shipping will be via US Postal Service First Class 1-3 business days (USA) or 7-21 days (international).
  • There are two options for international shipping:
    1. First Class (7-21 days, no tracking): 3.95 USD
    2. Priority (5-12 days, tracking): 9.95 USD
  • Note: For international shipping, there might be a possibility of an import/customs tax that the recipient would need to pay on arrival. The customs requirement might require additional shipping time.
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Products by Haptic Industries


Street Notes is your personalized guide and journal for you to develop your photography skills and to re-inspire your creative process. Each photography assignment will help you to build your confidence, break out of your comfort zone, and explore your creative potential. This handbook is full of practical hands-on assignments that can help you get out of your “funk”–and to hit the streets with new enthusiasm.

Henri by Eric Kim Camera Straps

The "Henri" Strap
The “Henri” Neck Strap
Henri by Eric Kim Wrist Strap
The “Henri” Wrist Strap

Henri by Eric Kim offers small batch handmade, leather neck straps and wrist straps for cameras. The Henri strap is functional, fashionable, and has character. Made from durable 100% leather, this coffee-colored strap will age beautifully as you take it on your photographic adventures. The Henri strap is light, comfortable, and ideal for smaller cameras (such as a Fujifilm, micro 4/3rds, film cameras, and rangefinders). These straps are all hand-made from our two good friends in Saigon, who are leather-makers, singers, and entrepreneurs. Cindy did all the final touches and packaging in California. We hope the “Henri” strap will be a friend that can accompany you in all of your life’s journeys– and we hope this is the last strap you will ever need for your camera.

Haptic Press Limited Edition Hand Printed Art Books

THE CITY OF ANGELS is a photography triptych that honors the rough edges and honest beauty of Los Angeles, California. While walking in Downtown Los Angeles, Eric Kim met multi-faceted strangers and sought to create portraits imbued with emotion, soul, and mystery. He hopes that these images remind others of the beauty of fleeting encounters and the serendipity of life.

Eric Kim made these photographs from 2011 to 2016 in Downtown Los Angeles.

Each art portfolio is unique, made of organic materials, and responsive to touch. The portfolio may be viewed as a tri-fold book or displayed on the wall from its button-string closure.

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