“SEVENTY”: A Book of Images of Mystery, Surprise, and Humor in Jack Simon’s Everyday Life

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My good friend and talented street photographer Jack Simon (from Burn My Eye) has recently turned 70 years old (he looks about 2 decades younger than he is). In honor of his birthday, he recently published a new book titled: SEVENTY — which is a compilation of 70 great candid photos. He was also generous enough to offer the book free via ebook. More info about the book below from Jack:

SEVENTY is a compilation of 70 unplanned and unposed images. I enjoy the hunt for that moment of mystery, surprise, and humor in my everyday life. I seek images that hint to a larger story, like a publicity still from some forgotten movie. These fragments of fictional stories are drawn from the real world in an odd coupling of my unconscious, my intentions, and chance. As I turn 70, I celebrate these accidental glimpses into other worlds and untold stories that inhabit my surroundings.

If you want to learn more about Jack Simon and his work, you can see this in-depth interview I did with him here.

Jack Simon Shooting the Streets of SF

Below is a fun video I made with Jack shooting in the Mission District of SF:

SEVENTY by Jack Simon

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