3 Upcoming Street Photography Workshops in Japan (Intro, Intermediate/Advanced, Film) in Tokyo and Kyoto – November, 2012

(Above photo from my “Dark Skies Over Tokyo” series I shot last year in Tokyo)

Hey streettogs, I am excited to announce that I will be teaching a series of 3-day street photography workshops in Tokyo and Kyoto with my  good friend Bellamy Hunt, aka Japan Camera Hunter.

The first street photography workshop I did in Tokyo was last year, and it was a massive success. Passionate street photographers came from all across the globe, including the states, Europe, and Asia. We didn’t expect such a great turnout, but it was definitely one of the most memorable workshops I have taught.

There is something unique about shooting street photography in Tokyo.

The city has a sense of energy, a pulse, which inspires shooting street photography. The skyscrapers climb upwards endlessly, the colors are dazzling, qnd the streets never end with an infinite supply of people. It is quite unlike anywhere else in the world I have shot street photography.

When I was in Tokyo, I was there for only about two weeks. I didn’t expect to take any great photographs there for such a short period of time, as the majority of my street photography projects take at least 6 to 12 months to finish. However one of the favorite project i have shot was in Tokyo for only those two weeks in my “Dark Skies Over Tokyo” project. I think it was possible because the city inspired be constantly shooting, 24/7, with breaks only to eat, drink, and sleep.

Why am I teaching this workshop?

Dark Skies over Tokyo

I love teaching street photography workshops because it gives me the opportunity to spread my love and passion of street photography to others, while helping people gain confidence while shooting in the streets, as well as connecting passionate street photographers.

For myself personally, getting inspired to shoot street photography was one of the most difficult things. When I was still working my office job, I would always be tired and stressed out from work, and never have any time to hit the streets. Not only that, but I didn’t know anybody else who shot street photography to help support me. I didn’t know if my photographs were any good, because I didn’t have anyone to give me feedback or critique.

Asuka and Casey getting to know one another at my last year’s Tokyo Workshop

During the workshops there will be an emphasis on interaction, feedback & critique, as well as practical hands-on instruction.

What we won’t be during for the workshops is sitting inside a classroom all day talking about complex theories of street photography.

During the instruction phase of the workshops, we will be directing lectures on practical street photography instruction such as how to overcome the fear of shooting street photography, what to look for shooting on the streets, as well as specific street photography assignments to shoot for the weekend.

Matias shooting the streets of Tokyo in the workshop last year

When we are out shooting on the streets, we will be shooting and walking right alongside you, helping you build your confidence of approaching strangers and how to see on the streets. If you have any questions on how to use your camera, we will help configure your camera to fit your personal needs, and answer any questions you may have about street photography.

One of the best things we will do during the workshops is giving feedback & critique on your street photography. If you have ever felt frustrated by getting comments and feedback on Flickr and Facebook like “nice shot”, “good light”, or “what lens do you use?” prepare for a breath of fresh air. On the last day of the workshop we will help deconstruct your images by telling what works well in your photographs, and what could use improvement. Whether it be the composition, framing, story being told, or the post-processing we will give you thorough and in-depth feedback that will help you grow and develop as a street photographer.

Student interaction during the editing/post-processing portion of the workshop

Don’t know which of your street photographs are good and which ones aren’t? We will sit right beside you and help you edit down to your best shots, and also give you hands-on help on post-processing your shot (either in color or black and white).

Viewing the best student photos from the workshop

The best thing of all is that you will meet passionate street photographers from all around the globe who are as willing to push their personal boundaries in street photography and build new connections. For me, the most beautiful thing about street photography is the community and the network of support. Even for the Tokyo street photography workshop last year, many of us still keep in regular contact with one another via Facebook and Flickr.

What are you waiting for? Upcoming workshops in Japan

Great times in Tokyo, 2011 :)

Bellamy and I will be holding two workshops in Tokyo (and one in Kyoto). All the workshops will be hands-on, interactive, and have lots of one-on-one communication, feedback, and critique. Not only that, but it will ignite your inspiration and give you the opportunity to meet other passionate street photographers!

1) Introduction to Street Photography Workshop in Tokyo

The first introductory workshop will be focused on overcoming your fear of shooting street photography, the fundamentals of composition in street photography, as well as what to look for when shooting on the street. This workshop is open to anyone who wants to start off a solid foundation in street photography.

More info for the workshop here.

2) Intermediate/Advanced Street Photography Workshop in Tokyo

The Intermediate/Advanced street photography will focused on finding your own personal style in street photography, how to build a memorable street photograph project, and how to create deeper meaning in your photographs. This workshop will be suitable for those who have experience in street photography, but want to take their skills to the next level.

We are still putting together the information for this workshop, so stay updated by registering intent below:

Register intent here.

3. Film Street Photography Workshop in Kyoto

Bellamy and I will also be teaching a Film Street Photography Workshop in Kyoto alongside Sean Lotman and a few special guests. This workshop will be great for anyone interested in learning more about film (how to shoot, develop, and print film) and how to think in terms of film when shooting street photography.

I am quite excited about this workshop, as it will be a unique experience (and a chance for you to try out something new if you have only shot digital!)

Register intent here.

Price & Registration

The price for each workshop will cost $995 for the weekend (Friday night, all-day Saturday, and all-day Sunday).

We are restricting the total cap of students to only 15 participants, so that we can ensure that everyone who attends will get enough one-on-one attention and interaction. During the workshop we will be split into two small groups of 7-8, which means that there will be a 7 student: 1 instructor ratio. Of course each group will get equal attention from myself and Bellamy.

We are also excited to announce an early-bird discount of only $795 if you register for any workshop and submit your full deposit before 10/2. It may seem like a lot of money, but consider it to be a great investment for your photography passion. After all, we spend much more than that on new cameras, lenses, and equipment but not on workshops that can change your life!

Do you want to attend more than one workshop and want a special discount? No problem. If you are interested in attending more than one workshop, we can offer a special discount for you (depending on how many workshops you would like to attend).

If you are interested in attending more than one workshop and getting this special offer, email me at erickimphotographyworkshops@gmail.com

* Also note we have special student discounts and  returning-student discounts.  Please email me at erickimphotographyworkshops@gmail.com for more info

Got any more questions?

If you got any more questions regarding the workshop, please email me at erickimphotographyworkshops@gmail.com


Group photo of last year’s Tokyo Workshop. Click to see all behind-the-scenes photos.

See all the behind-the-scenes photographs from last year’s Tokyo Street Photography Workshop here.

Student Photos From Last Year’s Tokyo Workshop

Sebastian Evans
Adam Rahim
Mattias Leppaniemi
Casey Henderson
Chris Camargo

You can see all the student photos from the Tokyo workshop here.