The Psychadelic Color Film Street Photography of Sean Lotman from Kyoto

Sean Lotman Film Photography

(“The Troublemaker” – Kyoto, Japan. Sean Lotman)

Eric’s Note: I am excited to share this feature with Sean Lotman, a film street photographer currently based out of Kyoto. His colors are phenomenal, have great richness, and soul. He will also be teaching alongside myself, Bellamy Hunt, and Junku Nishimura in our upcoming Kyoto Introduction to Film Street Photography Workshop (11/16-11/18). See his thoughts on photography and his inspiration images below.

Experience the Magic of Film: Introduction to Film Street Photography in Kyoto (11/16-11/18) with Eric Kim, Bellamy Hunt, Sean Lotman, and Junku Nishimura


Do you have a film camera just lying around collecting dust? Have you been ever curious about experiencing the magic of film of creating life in your images by processing your own negatives? Do you wish to gain a new appreciation for the craft and experience of film?

Film isn’t just another style in photography, it is a different artistic approach. This workshop in Kyoto can help challenge your photography in a unique way, and kickstart your creativity. It will re-invigorate your photography, while giving you the chance to experience the beauty of Kyoto in the fall.

I am excited to announce that I will be teaching this one-of-a-kind workshop alongside Japanese film pros Bellamy Hunt, Sean Lotman, and special guest Junku Nishimura. If you want to learn how to shoot film with some of the best film shooters in Japan you definitely don’t want to miss this workshop and unique opportunity.

Regardless of your previous experience shooting and developing film, we guarantee that you will gain a unique insight into different approaches and techniques to film photography that will help take your photography to the next level.

3 Upcoming Street Photography Workshops in Japan (Intro, Intermediate/Advanced, Film) in Tokyo and Kyoto – November, 2012

(Above photo from my “Dark Skies Over Tokyo” series I shot last year in Tokyo)

Hey streettogs, I am excited to announce that I will be teaching a series of 3-day street photography workshops in Tokyo and Kyoto with my  good friend Bellamy Hunt, aka Japan Camera Hunter.

The first street photography workshop I did in Tokyo was last year, and it was a massive success. Passionate street photographers came from all across the globe, including the states, Europe, and Asia. We didn’t expect such a great turnout, but it was definitely one of the most memorable workshops I have taught.

There is something unique about shooting street photography in Tokyo.

The city has a sense of energy, a pulse, which inspires shooting street photography. The skyscrapers climb upwards endlessly, the colors are dazzling, qnd the streets never end with an infinite supply of people. It is quite unlike anywhere else in the world I have shot street photography.