In Street Photography, The Smaller the Camera, the Better

Photo slightly related: Minox Spy Camera of Grant Loxton
Photo slightly related: Minox Spy Camera of Grant Loxton

Recently for my trip to Stockholm, London, and Dubai I brought along my Hasselblad 501c and 80mm lens (and about 20 rolls of Kodak Portra 400 120 film). I had been shooting a lot of medium-format 6×6 photos back home, and I had the natural gut feeling to bring it to my trip and make some photos. But at the same time I’m glad I brought along my compact 35mm camera, the Contax T3.

Introduction to Hasselblad Medium Format Cameras by Jeroen Helmink

An introduction to using Hasselblad Medium Format Cameras by Jeroen Helmink, Dutch street photographer. Check out Jeroen’s work on his website or on Flickr!

Also if you are interested in getting a Hasselblad, email Jeroen at

Got any questions about Hasselblads or shooting medium-format film? Leave a comment below! 

Mike Peters and The American Dream by Ollie Gapper

Mike Peters from his collection "Pursuit of Happiness"

In this article I was fortunate enough to be able to conduct an interview through email with NY-based photographer Mike Peters. His style of street portraiture is one that has been attempted many times by many names, but never quite to the extent or success of Mike’s work. He is consistent and his work flows well together, but he is not held down by his style and does not limit himself in what he creates. I hope you guys enjoy his work and words as much as I have, and that you may find some inspiration in this article that will help guide and refine your work, I know I certainly have.